Give a Strong Performance with PhotoStory 3
Date: 07/09/2007
Time: 12:30PM to 03:30PM
Presenter: Jennifer Whitt

What is PhotoStory 3?
Photo Story 3 is a software program that allows you to create a slideshow with your digital pictures. It includes features that allow you to edit your pictures, create original music, add narration, and share them with others. You can create a photo story that includes motion, narration, and music. Photo Story 3 includes dramatic pan and zoom effects, picture rotation, and cropping tools . You can also compose an original soundtrack from directly within Photo Story 3, narrate your story and add special effects, transitions, and much more.

PhotoStory 3 Presentation Examples:

1. The Ocean Floor
2. Willie Mays
3. Haiku Demo
4. First Grade Memories
5. Plant Parts
6. Clouds
7. Who Am I?
8. Summer Holiday
9. Thank You Grandma
10. A Moment in Time

Before You Begin
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Project Ideas
  1. Talking Book
  2. End of the Year Presentation
  3. Rules and Procedures for your Classroom
  4. Shapes book
  5. Number book
  6. Famous Person, Biography or Autobiography
  7. How To Book
  8. Book Reports
  9. Feild Trip Report
  10. Day In the Life
  11. Scientfic Processes
  12. Cook Book
  13. My Hero
  14. Computer Tips
  15. A Day in the Life

Creating Your First Photo Story
1. Opening PhotoStory
2. Importing and Arranging Your Pictures
3. Adding a Title to Your Pictures
4. Narrating Your Pictures
5. Adding Background Music
6. Saving Your Story
7. Viewing Your Story

Sample Student Project:
20 Ways Students Can Help Save the Earth: Students will gather photos to create a photo story that illustrates 5 of the 20 ways in which they can contribute to saving the earth. .
1. Put a bleach bottle in your toilet.
2. Plant a tree.
3. Re-use your plastic sandwich bags.
4. Make your meals earth-friendly.
5. Use both sides of paper.
More ...

Project Instructions
1. Use an Internet search engine to find photos or pictures that illustrate each of the 5 ways you can help save the earth. Save each picture to your My Pictures Folder. Find another picture to use as the first frame of your project. (You should have a total of 6 photos.)
2. Open PhotoStory 3.
3. Import and Arrange pictures in your project.
4. Add text to describe your pictures.
5. Narrate your pictures.
6. Add background music.
7. Save your story for playback on your computer.
8. Present your photo story to the class.

Using More Advanced PhotoStory 3 Features
1. Editing Pictures
2. Correcting Color Levels
3. Correcting Red Eye
4. Rotating and Cropping
5. Removing Black Borders
6. Correcting Contrast
7. Customizing Motion
8. Using Transitions
9. Setting the Mood with Custom Music
10. Putting PhotoStory 3 Stories on DVD